Three years ago I quit making Advertising-For-Everyone. Today I work with women-led businesses to create brand strategy and design that truly represents their vision. 

Clients – often women – come to me for a reason. I’m a strong creative director, and an even better listener. I know how to bring people together, create an approachable atmosphere where ideas happen, and then turn our ideas into work that really ‘gets them’ and their brand vision. It was time to focus on my strengths and what sets me apart. This is exactly what I want to create for my clients as well.

I am a strategic brand thinker who is skilled at bringing people together and making connections.

Photo:  Helena Dolby

Some people want the snazzpants of a large agency and the security they feel that brings. Others want to sit around the table, go for a walk, or meet in their favourite coffee shop where they – and their ideas – feel most comfortable. In my experience, the best creative ideas rarely come from boardrooms.

I have gone in search search of a new way of doing things. I started the Sheffield chapter of CreativeMornings. Founded outdoor business gatherings Walking Whisky Wellness. And launched my independent studio The Brand Directoress*.  

I am always looking to meet interesting people and projects. Let’s talk.