2015 – current
The Brand Directoress® Brand thinker and designer. Helping people's projects look and feel fabulous through design and ideas. Finding your brand direction and making worthy connections with your audience. I love to connect people through worthwhile creative endeavours with the personal touch. Comes with 20 years experience with brands, organisations and agencies spanning the UK, The Netherlands and China.

2016 – current
I host CreativeMornings/Sheffield, a breakfast lecture series for the creative community.

In 2008, Tina Roth Eisenberg (Swiss Miss) started CreativeMornings™ out of a desire for an ongoing, accessible event for New York's creative community. The concept was simple: breakfast and a short talk one Friday morning a month.

We are here to celebrate and share creative thinking. To bring what started in NYC to fresh creative thinkers of the city of Sheffield. CreativeMornings™ provides a platform for creators, enterprisers and doers to share their stories. For audience members to hear first-hand how ideas are turning into realities. We are building an encouragement network of positive actions and change...all by 10:00 am.

2017 – current
I founded Walking Whisky Wellness, connecting great ideas in the great outdoors. We tailor walking experiences for individuals, companies, and organisations. Getting out from behind our desks and screens for a while and going for some fresh thinking in the fresh air. 

Experiences based around connecting with people in the outdoors for some thinking on our feet. Led by experts, taking the city knowledge and bringing it into the outdoors. Making connections without the network cringe. Brainstorming without the distractions. Team building without the raft building shenanigans. A more gentle natural approach. 

2015 – current
I run workshops with 1st year Leeds Arts University graphic design degree students based on their personal and professional practice. Focusing on self-care, inspiration development, doing work that matters and getting out there making connections with industry. 'Do great work. Live great lives.' - Heidi Hackemer

2014 – 2015
I moved to Chongqing, China to become a guest industry expert lecturer at MIADA (Modern International Art & Design Academy) where I spent 2 semesters sharing creative brand thinking with students. Spreading the importance of ideas, stories and true flavour and behaviour in branding.

2010 – 2013
Co-founder and creative partner of Studio theGirls™. A small creative agency with big ideas in the heart of Amsterdam. A strong focus on meaningful, bold and fun work with lots of collaboration. Concept creation, art direction and design for a variety of brands and agencies with ideas for physical and digital. Clients included: Affordable Art Fair(NL, SG), Johan Kramer, 328 stories, Lemz (IKEA), Pirate (J.C.Rags, D.E.P.T, Vingino), Tribal/DDB (KLM.com),  Wink (Asics, Bacardi),  Wieden + Kennedy (Levis)

2007 – 2011
I was hired by WINK Environmental Architects as a freelance creative consultant and conceptual designer for conceptual and design work on a variety of brand trade stands for Bread & Butter European fashion trade show. Brands including Wrangler Europe, J.C Rags, D.E.P.T, Asics and Bacardi.

2007 – 2010
For three years I was senior designer at design and communication studio Dietwee, assisting in running the studio floor and mentoring designers working on such cultural and corporate clients as ING, Oerol music & arts festival and the Aids Fonds. Winning a few design awards along the way.

2004 – 2007
Moved to Amsterdam and began working as full time creative on the denim fashion Wrangler Europe account at Ad agency BSUR Taking on all aspects of brand communication, trade and consumer based. From seasonal fashion shoots, stores, POS to brand experiences. Dealing personally with various European markets.

2002 – 2004
Started out as a graphic designer based in Leeds working at Brahm (now Brass) on locally based cultural and corporate clients such as The Yorkshire Dales, Opera North and Somerfield supermarkets.