Wonderful Women Wednesday

Taking a mid-week moment to celebrate and thank those standing up and kicking ass

This week is the queen of French New Wave ⚡️AGNÈS VARDA⚡️ A career of film over seven decades of filmmaking and recently celebrated her 90th birthday. 'Armed with a fiercely experimental spirit, a whimsically subversive attitude and plenty of passionate compassion to boot (plus a really cool head of hair) Agnès Varda may be the grande dame of the French New Wave...but she's hardly slowed down with age. Much to the delight of fans New and old alike, her recent receipt of an honorary Oscar has put her squarely back in the spotlight'.  

Her latest project with new best friend the formidable French artist JR is now available on Netflix @facesplacesfilm . 'JR is fulfilling my greatest desire. To meet new faces and photograph them so they don't fall down the holes of my memory'.

'When I started I did not know I wanted to be a filmmaker. I started - I made a film. Then when I finished I said, Oh my god it's so beautiful - I should be a film maker!' 👊🏼🎥🤳🏼👀

penny lee