Wonderful Women Wednesday

Taking a mid-week moment to celebrate and thank those standing up and kicking ass

This week is ⚡️BOZOMA SAINT JOHN⚡️Currently Uber Chief Brand Officer. Previously Marketing Executive at Apple Music and general total badass. A change agent. An immigrant from Ghana. A single mum after losing her husband to cancer back in 2013. A self proclaimed and undisputed force of nature. And some serious representation in Silicon Valley - as she says: 'ticking all the boxes' #watchmework @badassboz

'Let me say it again for those in the back. I'm the best at what I do. I'm not in the job because I'm a black woman but BECAUSE I AM THE BEST AT WHAT I DO. And being a black woman is just the sauce.'

'Trying to be the representation for what I want to see. I want change. I want things to be great for people of colour and for women. First to be able to show up to work, do our best work and be appreciated for that work...if I can contribute to that. And it's not going to be easy. There's going to be lots of challenges. I'm sure there'll be frustrating days and they'll be times I cry cause I don't mind crying by the way. But I am hopeful and that's what is driving me. I can see the bigger picture...If I am there and people see me, maybe they'll come along too. It's a call to action.'

– Bozoma Saint John 👊🏿