Wonderful Women Wednesday

Taking a mid-week moment to celebrate and thank those standing up and kicking ass

This week is ⚡️SARAH ILLENBERGER ⚡️Berlin-based artist, illustrator and designer. 

'I have a lot of fun with what I do and in doing that I communicate ideas'.

I have had my eye on Sarah's work for years. Her humorous, colourful and beautifully crafted visual stories. I used to geek out on her infographics and more recently drawn to a lot of the nature she draws upon and elegantly transforms. 'Her visual language is defined by giving common things a new meaning.' A combination of craftsperson and art director.

She creates installations using various materials and techniques, which are then photographed or presented in public places. Her work appears in books, magazines, digital media and window displays. She also produces limited editions and design objects. Clients include amongst many others COS, Hermès, Nike, Wallpaper and a favourite of mine I Love You Magazine.

'When I started my career, approximately 15 years ago, the three-dimensional illustrator was nothing people really knew what it was. Every time I went to a party I dreaded the question: 'So what do you actually do?' Because I couldn't say I am a photographer, I am a graphic designer. I always had to lunge out and say well I'm a person that has a concept, brings out an idea, sells it to a magazine. Then does the handicraft kind of set design and then a photographer comes and takes a picture of it. By that time the other person in the conversation had already left'.

'Ideas, concepts and set designs...working together with a photographer and sharing the same energy and bringing your talents together was something I wanted to do'.

'So I really tried to fight my way through these preconceptions of what people had of an illustrator...and try to find my way to show people you can be really multidisciplinary'. Job done I would say 👊👏