Wonderful Women Wednesday

Taking a mid-week moment to celebrate and thank those standing up and kicking ass

This week is ⚡️TINA ROTH EISENBERG ⚡️AKA Swiss Miss. A Swiss designer gone NYC who has since transformed into accidental entrepreneur and super purposeful community builder. I have got to know more about Tina through running CreativeMornings/Sheffield. Tina started CreativeMornings, a monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community, in NewYork 10 years ago and it has since exploded to close to 200 cities around the world. A phenomenal force of generosity that proves love trumps hate and the absolute power of community.

Tina first became renowned through the design blog SwissMiss. ‘I started SwissMiss in March of 2005 as my personal visual archive. Little did I know that it would eventually grow into a popular design journal with an average of 1 million unique visitors a month.’

Since then she has also founded the temporary tattoo business Tattly, born out of frustration of complaining about how aesthetically displeasing her children’s temporary tattoos were when bringing them home in party bags. Now, artists and designers around the globe contribute to making beautiful designs for children and adults alike. They are really stunning.

‘Complaining is just a waste of energy,’ says Tina. ‘When I see something that really bugs me, I think, ‘Okay, Tina, you either need to stop thinking about it and let it go, or you really have to do something about it.’

Out of a frustration of working alone or in one business, Tina started coworking space FRIENDS in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill, before co-working was a thing. Oh, and co-founded a to-do app called TeuxDeux. There are some incredible talks online you can see of Tina, the latest being her talk for the Do Lectures in Wales last year.

‘This summer, attending the Do Lectures in Wales, I gave the most personal talk of my life. I talk about my divorce and my spiritual journey as an entrepreneur. I admit, I am a bit nervous sharing this. Deep breaths.’

Some Tina advice: