Wonderful Women Wednesday

Taking a mid-week moment to celebrate and thank those standing up and kicking ass

This week is ⚡️VIV GROSKOP ⚡️ writer, stand-up comedian, tv and radio presenter and women on a mission with book and podcast ‘How to Own the Room: Women and the art of brilliant speaking.’

Viv began her career as a writer in her early twenties on Fleet Street and went on to become a freelance writer for The Guardian, The Observer, Evening Standard, Red Magazine to name a few. She has been named one of the most successful female freelance journalists in the UK.

But then when realising the advice she was giving her three children to ‘do what you want with your life, live your dreams’ was not ringing true with herself. She wanted to do stand-up, to perform, to entertain and to have the spotlight. She went for it. Doing a hundred shows in a hundred days to see if she could crack it.

‘I realised I loved it. I knew I wanted to do. You learn very quickly how hard it actually is to do it. I had to get to a hundred gigs fast.’

Fast forward 10 years and this has led to her incredible book and podcast How to Own the Room: Women and the art of brilliant speaking’. She found her voice and her mission to help others to do the same. ‘This is a powerful book about what happens when women find their voice’. Having put herself into the spotlight, Viv has hosted book tours for Graham Norton and Jo Brand, is the veteran of four Edinburgh Fringe shows and fronts the cult podcasts Dear Viv and We Are Women. She has presented BBC Radio 4’s Front Row and Saturday Review and appears regularly on BBC1’s This Week. As an executive coach, she works with women across business, media and advertising, helping them to hone their authority, presence and leadership.

A great talk on her journey here for her ‘How to Own the Room’ Talks at Google.

Not only are the ‘How to Own the Room’ podcasts full of incredIble tips, they also introduce you to some incredible women doing incredible things. You get to hear their back stories in really interesting relaxed conversations. Making it all seem so possible. A huge fan and so very grateful to Viv for making them and gifting such practical encouragement. Loving the design too (obvs) created by Jo Thomson.

‘Anyone can speak. but you have to want to’.

Fascinating fact: Viv has an MA with distinction in Russian Studies and is a contributing editor at Russian Vogue. She has interviewed Russian speakers in their mother tongue among them Marina Litvinenko, widow of the murdered Alexander Litvinenko and Beslan school hostage crisis survivor Fatima Dzgoeva. She also interviews in French, including the surviving daughter of Suite Francaise author Irène Némirovsky. {Wikipedia}