Wonderful Women Wednesday

Taking a mid-week moment to celebrate and thank those standing up and kicking ass

This week is ⚡️EMILY EAVIS ⚡️ co-organiser of the annual Glastonbury Festival.

Emily is the youngest daughter of the festival founder Michael Eavis and grew up on Worthy Farm, Somerset, the site of Glastonbury Festival.

She spoke recently on Desert Island Discs (my absolute fave!!!) about some men in the music industry still refusing to deal with her. Booking acts for over half her life for the festival some male execs still insist on speaking to her father. She remains determined to promote female artists, book female headliners and introduce more women into the team.

‘I know they are labelling me as a real hassle, and it’s such a hassle. ‘Will you just shut up’ and ‘It wasn’t like this when your dad was in charge….It’s so annoying. But if you want to make progress you just have to do it, and you have to be up for being a bit of an annoyance.’

Emily has made incredible strides for the festival. She was responsible for bringing in Jay-Z to headline back in 2008. the first major hip-hop artist to the festival and received a major backlash at the time. Not only was Jay-Z incredible he featured on the intro to the ground breaking Stormzy headline this year just over a decade later.

Progress over adversity seems to be Emilys’s focus as to where she finds the strength. As a child she grew up with locals shouting at her and her family for putting on the festival. And being a little scared when thousands descended on their farm in her early years.

This year saw the most diverse line up, the closest gender balance to date (almost 50/50), the eradication of any single use plastics by vendors, free water and no plastic water bottles for sale (a huge earner for festivals), a flash mob by Extinction Rebellion and a reported 99.3% of tents taken home in the call out to leave no trace.

With her three kids in tow, it feels like Emily is just getting started.